13 June 2011

Messy but fun!

It was my husband's birthday yesterday, and he's notoriously difficult to find good presents for. We both have rather expensive hobbies (craft for me, collectable Bloodbowl miniatures for him) so we tend to buy a lot of our own things as we need them, rather than waiting for birthdays. 

But this year was easy. I had seen this brilliant link on Pinterest (I was right, all my free time is going into that site at the moment, it's so much fun!) and knew it was a great idea. So here's our attempt.

It came out really well, especially since I seriously underestimated just how difficult it would be to get a 10.5 month old to place her palm on a piece of paper without making a mess! But we both had fun making it, and my husband loved it.

As for my craft projects, I'm still having a break from cross-stitch and currently crocheting granny squares for a rug I started years ago. I'm basically going back and cleaning up some old UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) while I figure out what my next big project is going to be. I'll post some pictures of the granny squares later on in the week.

Until then!

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