10 May 2011

Excuses Excuses

So, anyone who reads blogs regularly will be very much familiar with the post I’m about to make.

I’ve been slack about updating the blog. Sorry everyone. Here’s the shortlist of excuses:

1) I’ve started managing a blog for my husband’s practice, and they’ve been keeping me busy! I’m hoping I can start up a small business running blogs for people who are interested in having one but don’t know the technological know-how to do it themselves. (And yes, that was a blatant piece of self-promotion, so contact me on cynosure.linda@gmail.com if you’re interested in something like that for yourself or someone you know!)

2) Sick grandmother, check. (I wish that was a joke, but my grandmother had a couple of heart attacks and has had to be moved out of her home into a nursing home, so that resulted in a trip up north for a while.)

3) I finished my giant cross stitch, so I’ve been a little burned out on stitching for a while. It went well in the exhibition I talked about (it won third place!). But I have started a new project which I’m tentatively planning for next year’s exhibition. 

4) Most of all, my little girl is nine months old and on the verge of starting to crawl. She developed her first tooth last week! She’s a little angel, but she still runs me ragged. That said, I’ve already started planning her first birthday party, which I’m really looking forward to!

Shameless baby picture, check.
 5) And my own health went haywire this week, which is hardly an excuse for my not having updated the blog up until now, but hey, I get some sympathy, right?

I promise I'll (try to) do better in the future.

More on my latest cross stitch project later in the week. 

1 comment:

  1. It's so good to see you again Linda! But first of all, CONGRATULATIONS on winning. Your Gabriel and Mary is indeed a masterpiece. If I am the judge, it will win FIRST PRIZE!

    I know how time-consuming and how much it takes effort to run/manage/write a blog. Don't worry, we're always here waiting for your updates.

    Oh, your baby is so beautiful!

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. And I also wish that you're now okay and fine.

    Hugs and take care my friend!